Placed under the theme of Making of (a space-time improvisation and experimentation), the Art Workshop 2006 was open to artists who mix performance and video art. In recent years, filmed actions have become a common artistic expression, allowing a great deal of artists to familiarise with the multifaceted aspects of cinematographic production. These new experimentations have often resulted in films where public and private space melt and mix.

The workshop aimed at offering a platform for discussion and exchange as well as for interpretation and reflection that allowed to look at contemporary artistic creation within the context of situations of everyday life. It addressed twelve young European artists and art students (Bachelor at least) from different countries. Twelve were selected on file and invited to participate in the workshop. The participants had free accommodation and free access to the exhibitions and the documentation centre of Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain.

The goals were to further creative and intellectual exchange, to confront young artists and art students with contemporary creation, to create a European platform for research, reflection and the study of contemporary art. Finally it allowed young artists to present their own work and to discuss it with contemporary art professionals as well as with other young artists from different cultural backgrounds. For the participants of the Art Workshop 2006, Making of consisted in the production of a DVD gathering all of the video projects realised by the participants during the workshop.