During their residency, the artists were free to observe the interpersonal aspects of online dating systems, to invent new strategies, to divert the usual schemes and to explode the given frames. Dating can be considered a game where the boundaries between private and public are displaced. Therefore, communication can be very woolly: risks and coincidences are always part of the game.

Metaphorically, the Art Workshop 2008 did in a way work as a dating or a meeting platform where twelve young international artists and art students got to know each other during a two-week residency. The twelve participants were selected on file (only digital documents were accepted) and participated in the workshop in Esch-sur-Alzette and Luxembourg. The workshop’s purpose was to create a context where pluralism and cultural differences melt down, and where reflections and experiences of “art in progress” ripen and emerge.

The works thus produced were shown in an exhibition at the end of the artists’ stay.