In the course of the workshop an “Other Possible Worlds – Dictionary” will be worked out as well as further material brought in by the participants as cosmos of terminologies and fields of references. Each artist will select and examine what s/he considers to be interesting, useful or meaningful. With this collection of ideas, concepts, models, terms, projects, kits and modes of acting, the participating artists will strive to develop other ways of creating orders. Group works can be envisaged. In the end, this dictionary/handbook will unfold as an extensive installation into the space, linking diverse art practices, simple furniture and flexible architectural elements, into a “Dictionary in Space” realised by the participating artists. The installation becomes a test space for different artistic techniques and ideas, models, presentations, discussions and actions, at the same time theoretical and practical. This new space can be used by the local public; it will invite the “user” to re-think his/her own position, place, practice and discourse. During the two-weeks residency this space for thoughts and reflections will be activated further with some public side events like video screenings, discursive picnics or reading groups.