In 2004, the annual Art Workshop took place within the context of Re:Location 1-7 / Shake, a European project on contemporary art between seven art centres, which started with bilateral exchanges to lead to seven different Shake exhibitions.

The residency called Re:Location Academy took place from 13 June to 31 July 2004 at Casino Luxembourg (the main venue where the temporary academy was hosted). A dozen young international artists were selected and invited to participate at this seven-week residency in Luxembourg dealing with the issues of art, society and media. The workshop entitled Shake Society aimed at mixing people and shaking up ideas.

Aim of the workshop Shake Society:
- Exchange of ideas and discussions between artists and key figures of the art and the media world about the impact of art and media on contemporary society (programme of lectures, round tables and encounters).
- Experience “real life” in Luxembourg (the picturesque capital of the smallest EU state, important financial place, high immigration level, film production and media industry, a city and a country without a permanent art academy or university…).
- Production of a new work within this context.

Facilities at the main venue Casino Luxembourg:
- A common working space and a lecture room were at the artists’ disposal.
- A lounge with a bar open to the public where the artists were able to meet daily.

Topic of the workshop Shake Society
It is a fact that television channels over the world show an increasing number of so-called “reality shows”. In revealing the life and problems of ordinary people on a day-to-day basis, these shows promote a certain degree of voyeurism. The spectators end up identifying with trivial and popular issues. Artists have always observed their environment and been pointing things out—that is, the kind of things we no longer look at or which we wouldn’t have noticed. By giving a new or unusual point of view to issues dealing with everyday life, artists are able to call our attention on important subjects. Many artists deal with everyday life and its social realities in their work. Some artists are even showing their private life in their work. Therefore it is interesting to focus on similarities between the work of contemporary artists and the commercial phenomena of “reality shows” of all kinds.